Recording, Press Kit, etc.

This month we are taking advantage of the slight lull in our shows and events by getting focused on a few very exciting things for you all!

Firstly, because we're going to be spreading out further from our home base area, we're doing some LIVE video and audio recording for a press kit update! This will be arriving VERY soon, so be prepared to see some cool stuff!
Secondly, we're looking for more original music shows (as much as we love playing cover nights) with our friends in bands in the area and beyond.
Lastly and certainly not least, we ARE working on a new album recording! We'd love to share more info on that, but... spoilers!

Let's just say we're delivering lots of new and exciting things in 2019 and we don't plan to waste any time!

For now, check out some of our recent video uploads:

And our Valley Advocate Session from this summer:

Thanks for stopping in and staying with us. Have a happy and safe holiday!

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