Fall update!!!

Hey guys,
What a productive Fall season this has been. As you may know, we just finished recording three new songs for our upcoming release; we are super pumped to share this music with you. Currently, we wrapped up filming for our new music video and recieved our mixes and masters from "Sound Variables". Wow, the staff just blew us away with their intuitive approach to our music (check them out at, www.soundvariables.com). Be prepared to hear ACA like you've never heard us before.
I'm still in awe at how fast and seemless this is all coming together; this is beyond awesome. Anyways, the new single to be released is named "7teen". It shall be arriving soon; be sure to keep checking the social media sites for teasers in the coming days. 
Till then, keep Rocking and Rolling steady!!!
Your friend,

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