Greetings and salutations, folks!
Thanks for stopping in. 
How has it been so long since we've posted here??? My goodness. We apologize for this, but we've been VERY busy...
So, here's what's been going on the past year:

The most important update we should mention right now is that we've acquired a new drummer. Since Zach decided to pursue other interests we have since recruited Chris Phoenix, who has the versatility to be able to capture every edge of Arc City Angel's sound and then some. In light of this change, the past year we've been writing some NEW and VERY exciting material, so with these two things in place we are excited to announce that we have not only released our EP "Jump The Train" upon the embarkment of our Winter "DIY Tour" that showcases the remainder of Zach's drumming, but we are also about to book studio time to begin tracking our NEXT EP.

These things deserved mentioning, but looking ahead we have a lot of things planned. We are also putting together an update schedule so we won't be falling off the wagon again! This includes (so go check them out) our INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and very soon to launch YOUTUBE channel. We're shifting in to 5th gear this year, people, so join us for the ride of our lives!

Thanks so much!

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